Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners

Looking for support for care partners of persons living with dementia in Ontario? Our clinical services and groups are offered at the Reitman Centre and Wellness Centre, Sinai Health and at multiple program partner organizations including regional Alzheimer Societies, Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa, CMHA Fort Frances, St. Joseph’s Care Group, and Providence Care.

Available in English and French

Available online
or in person

No fee for services or groups

Includes wide range of informal care partners

Both CARERS and TEACH groups are offered in all locations across the province.


Coaching, Advocacy, Respite, Education, Relationship, Simulation


A skills based group for care partners of a person living with dementia. Learn practical skills, problem-solving techniques, communication methods, and more.

Program Details

  • Focuses on practical skills and emotional supports needed to care for people living with dementia
  • Teaches problem solving techniques, a structured approach to address problems
  • Coaches care partners in communication skills through the use of simulation
  • Provides strategies for keeping a meaningful relationship with the person living with dementia
  • 8 weekly sessions, 2 hours per session, maximum 6 care partners in group

Watch our CARERS Group Methods and Impact Video Series >>


Training, Education, and Assistance for Caregiving at Home


An interactive group for care partners of a person living with dementia. Discuss themes such as self-care and future planning while learning from other care partners.

Program Details

  • Focuses on common caregiving themes including:
  1. Self-Care
  2. Healthcare System Navigation
  3. Relationship Changes
  4. Future Planning
  • C​oaches care partners in practical communication and coping skills
  • Provides opportunity to share and learn from other care partners
  • 4 weekly sessions, 1.5 hours per session, maximum 8 care partners in group